Movement (Parts I and II) - Winter Winds 2019

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Bring It In...

One Last Time

Hey Everyone,

First off, I want to express, especially to the seniors, how difficult, frustrating and sad the cancellation of WBA Championships is to me. Obviously, I have the utmost concern for your, and all performers, safety... but still, when I awoke to the news yesterday my heart broke a little. We all spent so much time preparing for that moment, it is hard to see it taken from us. 

Furthermore, I lost the chance to get to tell you all my final thoughts on the season. So here it goes;

I've said it numerous times, but I can never stress enough how completely and totally proud I am of all of you. I am in total awe of the growth and commitment I've seen this season. I do not recognize you as the same group I taught last year. As performers, you had exceeded my expectations at every turn. But beyond that, and perhaps most importantly, the change in you as people. The attitude you approach each rehearsal with. The way you've learned to take your mistakes and failures and turn them into success. The willingness to learn and trust and be better more mature individuals. All of these things fill my heart with so much pride and joy. It has been an absolute honor to be with you this season. 

And while I know it isn't going to happen; my greatest wish right now would be to continue working with every single one of you in the next season. Each of you who chooses to either perform with a different ensemble or not to continue your training for whatever reason will be missed greatly. You all are always welcome in my ensembles.

On a personal note, between moving away from Modesto this year and the continued growth and development of my comics career, my time at Enochs has become increasingly more and more difficult. Mounting stress, lack of time and travel have all taken their toll. So thank you for making Enochs a place that was totally one hundred percent worth it. It may have been difficult, but I didn't regret a second. I owe that to you guys. 

Now I wouldn't be much of a teacher if I didn't take this opportunity to pass on one last lesson to close out the season. When I said goodbye to you on Monday, it never, even for a moment, crossed my mind that that was the end of the season. I didn't think that it could be where it all ends. Right there in that gym. That's the tough thing about life. No matter how sure we are about something, it may just slip away. We are lucky for every moment we have and every opportunity we are given. There are people right now who one month ago were going about their day to day routine and have now lost more than we can imagine to these fires. It all can change in an instant. 

So do the best you can with every single moment. 

Be your best and appreciate the things you have when you have them. 

Be grateful. Be thankful. 

Don't waste your time being anything but good, helpful, devoted and kind. 

Reach for the Stars. Dream. And have fun along the way. 

Always look for opportunity. Always seize it. And when you lose that opportunity. Always look for another. Because when one door closes...

Well. You know. 

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone. Eat a lot. Smile a lot. And rest. You've earned it. 

Thank you.